Awakening Feminine Leadership -
Juicy, Empowered & Inner-Directed


Welcome to a whole new level of leadership for women. A state of leadership where you can own any room with stealthy feminine power, being turned on, and having fun, while also staying true to your deep inner knowing, and acting from that place. It's the era of claiming your juiciness (yes, that means being connected to your jewel, your sexuality and your body as a whole), living from a place of pleasure instead of pressure, and of self-love instead of self-flagellation. Its empowered, which means that you know who you are at the deepest level and that you can and are willing to show up at that level. Finally, it's inner-directed, which means that you are true to yourself, operating from your own deepest essence with presence, where you are fully individuated, enjoying life one stroke and one breath at a time, while also knowing yourself as part of something much bigger.


A state of juiciness is a state of play, desire and pleasure, which can also be said to be aspects of the Tantric path. It is also about inviting Eros, and beauty into every aspect of our lives, which supports us in the revolutionary concept (from a masculine and puritan standpoint) to Iearn how to seduce life, people and events. Ultimately t's about fully showing up, loving ourselves exactly as we are. The way we get there is through our "jewels", a.k.a our yonis, vaginas or pussies. When we as woman are connected to our jewels we are qunitessentially more "us", which is corroborated by modern science. By being turned on, both through our jewels and our hearts, life shifts, and we become a completely different form of leader.


When you are connected to your jewel, your sexuality and your body, you are able to act from a whole different place of power. It's effortless and yet without doubt you sense the power this person is exuding. A bit like experiencing the stealthy power of a panther. Being empowered is the opposite of trying to force and control events around you, and instead of "just do it", which implies an external and judgmental command, this comes instead from your deepest core. When you are empowered according to this definition, you also cease trying to "save" people, the planet, or for that matter, someone in the organization who is not living up to your expectations and who you think has "potential". It doesn't mean that we can't or shouldn't be of service, but our energy comes from an entirely different place, which results in a a much deeper ability to actually make a difference.


By connecting with our jewel, and our feminine selves, we also deepen our presence. We move from being outer-directed, focused on getting approval from the outside to following our inner guidance and our senses. A deep connection to our feminine selves is also an opening to an inner journey, teaching us to live closer to the magic and the mystery, with a sense of awe of life and what is around us. Following the Tantric path (as well as the path of Dao), the jewel functions as a gateway and a path to our inner reality, and where we ultimately learn to recognize our own divinity in and through this body. Hence the striving ceases. We aren't trying to get enlighetend anymore, hoping to check off another box. We instead learn how to show up fully in our glorious and flawed humanity, breath by breath, where even a lengty to-do-list becomes an opportunity to practice presence.

If you are curious and want to learn more, contact me here for a free session to explore your desires, needs and wants and to see if we are a match.




Awakening Feminine Leadership - A 6-week group coaching program

This is the kick-off group course that takes place over the phone and digitally that all clients are encouraged to take, since it creates the foundation for activating your feminine leadership. This course was formally called "Divine Eros and Pussy Power - A Shakti-based Personal Leadership Program" and has since been taken by many powerful women leaders.

The only program in Swedish starts February 5, 2019.
First program in English (new format) starts in the fall of 2019.


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6-Month Premium Individual Feminine Leadership Offer

This is for you who want to implement all the insights you get in the initiation program, and want hands on support in making it happen for you individually, as a leader and in your business.

It is a unique opportunity to work with me individually, where we will go deep into your interior landscape and it will create sould-based self-awareness, expansion, self-love and quite possibly transformation.


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Speaking & Workshops

I offer ‘The Good Girl Detox-workshop’ för companies and organizations, which can be seen as a playful yet vital vaccine against stress and burnt-out.

"A phenomenal program I wish all women could experience.  Lovisa has an ability to create an experience where you challenge your thought patterns and actions in a way you didn't think possible.  The most revolutionary and transformative program I've taken. Difficult to summarize since it encompasses everything from your personal relationship to pleasure, sexuality, power and leadership to understanding history and global issues. It has given me  knowledge and insights for real change and to get more pleasure in life. It has affected my ability to lead and understand what can be changed and how. It's an essential program."
Strategist and researcher in sustainability and public health