Quickenings Leadership School of
Hot & Holy Transformation


Welcome to Quickenings Leadership School of Hot & Holy Transformation! This school is the next generation of self-leadership for women and men respectively and together, connecting awareness and presence together with sexual energy as means of achieving cognitive, emotional, social, physical and inner transformation. Leadership as defined today is based on a dated disembodied concept, which leads to burn-out and disconnect. In addition, leadership as taught in business schools is based on a masculine concept and idea of how to inspire and lead one-self and others, which doesn’t work for well for women - and increasingly not for men either.

Quickenings Leadership School of Hot & Holy Transformation will start officially in 2020, but already now, the two pre-requisite courses for joining the school are available. The first one is for women, called Awakening Feminine Leadership - Juicy, Wild and Wise. The second one is the course for men called Recognizing Masculine Leadership - Heroic, Lion-Hearted and Holding. The difference in names come from the felt and experienced understanding that we are different. Women need to start, to awaken to their feminine power. Only then can women recognize and celebrate men - and it will happen in that order. Reversed, as we have today, men can’t understand the feminine, and women revert to the masculine, and both dismiss the value of the feminine. This creates unbalances where women get depleted and men get emasculated. We need one another to grow, by celebrating our differences and honoring them.

Having that said - both women and men have both the feminine and masculine within them. Some identify more with one or the other, and it shows up in different situations and utlimately we need to integrate both in our psyche and soul. This school supports you in exploring and strengthening what feels biologically true for you so you are more aligned inside and out. And just to be clear, women can be wickedly good Queens of the Business World as men can be amazing Kings of the Household - the principles of this school are not meant to restrict anyone’s layered identity, but to liberate us to operate more from essence than personality. And in order to do that, we need to reconnect to our bodies with awareness and cognitive understanding. Which is a game-changer for how we lead and live. The underlying philosophy of the school is the Tantric philosophy that the feminine is the creative principle of the world, whereas the masculine is the manifesting principle of the world. Both are needed and both support one another.

Awakening Feminine Leadership - Juicy, Wild & Wise

is a path and a state of leadership where you can own any room with stealthy feminine power, being turned on, and having fun, while also staying true to your deep inner knowing, and acting from that place. It's the era of claiming your juiciness (yes, that means being connected to your jewel, your sexuality and your body as a whole), living from a place of pleasure instead of pressure, and of self-love instead of self-flagellation. It is wild, which means that you are in contact with your strength and your embodiment enabling you to show up authentically and powerfully. Finally, it's wise, which means that you are true to yourself, operating from both your heart and your deepest essence with presence, where you are fully individuated, enjoying life one stroke and one breath at a time, while also knowing yourself as part of something bigger. Another way of describing feminine leadership is embodied wild love.

Recognizing Masculine Leadership - Heroic, Lion-Hearted & Holding

is also a path and a state of leadership where you are connected to your heart, your belly and your balls, which aligns the drive to explore and conquest with a courageous and self-aware heart that also is capable of manifesting. It holds space for what wants to rise — and then make it happen. So in that way the masculine can said to be a support of the feminine, giving the creative impulse direction and holding whereas the feminine offers the creative and juicy spark for everything. When a man is connected to his penis and balls AND his belly and heart, he can harness his primal power and create something formidable. There is also a combination of quiet power and stillness that is precise, clear, steadfast and committed. Another way of describing masculine leadership is embodied heart-strong action. Since some men comment that the feminine leadership seems more fun:), rest assured. Men’s playfulness is not only celebrated but also supported throughout the course.

If you are curious and want to learn more, contact me here for a free session to explore your desires, needs and wants and to see if we are a match.




Awakening Feminine Leadership - A 6-week group coaching program

This is the kick-off group course that takes place over the phone and digitally that all clients are encouraged to take, since it creates the foundation for activating your feminine leadership. This course was formally called "Divine Eros and Pussy Power - A Shakti-based Personal Leadership Program" and has since been taken by many powerful women leaders.

The only program in Swedish starts February 5, 2019.
First program in English (new format) starts in the fall of 2019.


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6-Month Premium Individual Feminine Leadership Offer

This is for you who want to implement all the insights you get in the initiation program, and want hands on support in making it happen for you individually, as a leader and in your business.

It is a unique opportunity to work with me individually, where we will go deep into your interior landscape and it will create sould-based self-awareness, expansion, self-love and quite possibly transformation.


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Speaking & Workshops

I offer ‘The Good Girl Detox-workshop’ för companies and organizations, which can be seen as a playful yet vital vaccine against stress and burnt-out.

"A phenomenal program I wish all women could experience.  Lovisa has an ability to create an experience where you challenge your thought patterns and actions in a way you didn't think possible.  The most revolutionary and transformative program I've taken. Difficult to summarize since it encompasses everything from your personal relationship to pleasure, sexuality, power and leadership to understanding history and global issues. It has given me  knowledge and insights for real change and to get more pleasure in life. It has affected my ability to lead and understand what can be changed and how. It's an essential program."
Strategist and researcher in sustainability and public health