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Welcome to Quickenings Leadership School of Hot & Holy Transformation!

2,5 years ago, I started holding the course Awakening Feminine Leadership - Juicy, Wild and Wise - for women in the business world, in academia and for entrepreneurs. The course aims to connect women with their bodies and their pleasure, starting with the jewel, ie the pussy, with eros and their sexuality and connecting that with an inner path and self-leadership. It turned out that there was an enormous thirst for this message - that there is a different way to lead and live that doesn’t lead to burn-out. A path that is embodied, present and alive, and where women automatically become empowered and turned-on - alone and together - and can lead and live with a strong inner and outer authority. The course mixes new neurological insights, with psychology, philosophy, vertical development with energy understanding, deeper aspects of mindfulness as well as the interior world of the soul. It shows why pleasure and sexuality is so important for women and it also teaches the Tantric understanding of the world. The course has become more and more popular and earlier participants are now spreading the message, turning on other women together in the business world and beyond. The next course for women will start in September, 2019. Red more here. In the spring of 2020, the first course in English will be launched.

Already after the completion of the first course in 2016, the women who participated asked for a male version of the course for the men in their lives. And soon men started asking for it as well. That course is finally here and it starts in August. Read more here. The courses for women have been online, whereas the course for men is “live” or IRL. The course for men is called Recognizing Masculine Leadership - Heroic, Lion-Hearted and Holding, which also is connected to embodiment and sexual energy, and is a way to connect with your embodied inner strength, inner power and a developed heart. Both courses have their base in mindfulness, self-reflection and self-inquiry.

As a result of working with women and soon men as well, I’ve has seen the power of connecting the two, using the energy that is released, not to act it out, but as a fuel for inner growth and transformation, where inquiry is the main tool. It is also a way to support leaders in the new agile and flat organizational structures that need both life-force (the feminine) and the directed holding (the masculine). The school will launch officially in the spring of 2020. It will be fun, juicy - and it will also transform your self-leadership. The school could also be said to use conscious relating between the feminine and the masculine as a path of transformation and self-leadership.

If you are curious and want to learn more, contact me here for a free exploration session!




Awakening Feminine Leadership - A 6-week group coaching program

This is the initiation program that takes place online, digitally and in person! that all clients are encouraged to take, since it creates the foundation for activating your feminine leadership. The growing number of women who have taken the program are getting increasingly powerful.

The only program in Swedish starts September 17, 2019.
First program in English starts in the spring of 2020.


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6-Month Premium Individual Feminine Leadership Offer

This is for you who want to implement all the insights you get in the initiation program, and want hands on support in making it happen for you individually, as a leader and in your business.

It is a unique opportunity to work with me individually, where we will go deep into your interior landscape and it will create sould-based self-awareness, expansion, self-love and quite possibly transformation.


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Speaking & Workshops

I offer ‘The Good Girl Detox-workshop’ för companies and organizations, which can be seen as a playful yet vital vaccine against stress and burnt-out.

"A phenomenal program I wish all women could experience.  Lovisa has an ability to create an experience where you challenge your thought patterns and actions in a way you didn't think possible.  The most revolutionary and transformative program I've taken. Difficult to summarize since it encompasses everything from your personal relationship to pleasure, sexuality, power and leadership to understanding history and global issues. It has given me  knowledge and insights for real change and to get more pleasure in life. It has affected my ability to lead and understand what can be changed and how. It's an essential program."
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