Hi Gorgeous and Welcome!
I'm Lovisa Alsén

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I'm delighted to have you here! While I don't know you, yet, I hope I can offer you some information about me and what I offer. I'm passionate about the conscious feminine, eros, the jewel, the inner journey, which includes a love for truth - and I would love to share what I've learned with you. It is my deepest belief that the world needs a whole new level of feminine leadership that is juicy, empowered and inner-directed!

Who am I - short story:

I am Lovisa (Lotta) Alsén with a MSc in International Economics and a leadership expert with 15 years experience of coaching women leaders in the US and in Europe. I'm back in Sweden after many years of living in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and I see myself as a bridge-builder between continents and realities, the feminine and the masculine, as well as an urban mystic, a beginner's courtesan, a pink-red priestess and a former seeker.

Who am I - longer story:

My journey started in Sweden, in Västerås, a small, blue-collar city an hour from Stockholm, where I was obsessed with everything that was supernatural, combined with my passion for reading and writing fairy-tales. Oh, I also had a strong love for the US and the English language. Yet, while I aimed for being the US President (at age 5), Secretary General of the UN (age 7) and wanted to learn how to levitate in Tibet AND being a Professor of the Supernatural in the US (age 11) in the end, those paths weren't the ones I believed were possible.

Instead, I decided to become a "grown-up" and study International Economics, then aiming for the CEO position of a global company. I started my career as a Management Trainee for Swedish Nestlé, and while I had full support by top mangement, being their youngest executive ever, I binge-ate and threw up every night after work. That position was followed by other executive and board positions, which included being the co-founder and CEO of an Internet Start-Up called MsFreckles. While our intentions were good, and some of what we created (especially the cartoon of a grown-up Pippi Longstocking) was fun, it involved 90-hour weeks, and it ended with a very public and, with what I felt then, a shame-filled bankrupcty. My ego was in shambles, as well as my life. I left for the US while also leaving my marriage and started a brand new chapter.



In San Francisco, I became a coach, then a yoga teacher, a healer, explored my sexuality, and saw no limits. I also created a personal leadership and coachng program for women entrepreneurs back in Sweden called CORE together with Emma Wistrand, built on the Hero's Journey, which I licensed. CORE ended up supporting hundreds of women pursuing their dreams. In Los Angeles, where I lived for ten years, I tried out singing in Hollywood clubs, coached high-profile executives in the movie-industry, and wrote fantasy with screen-writers in the Hollywood Hills. I also explored all possible spiritual paths, and went deep down the proverbial rabbit hole. Professionally, I took on the role as Chair and President of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles, and co-created The Swedish Affair, which became a ground-breaking project in marketing Swedish creatives in the US, while working on a fantasy-based videogame that would teach tweens how to breathe deeply. Yet, while there were exciting times, and I still love Los Angeles and all my friends there, after a while I learned that what I was looking for wasn't there either. Once again, I felt the pull to start over.


When I joined the Diamond Approach, a depth psychology and spiritual path, it slowly started creating the foundation and the embodiment that I had been looking for all my life - I found a way to be true, authentic and here, not disassociated from my body or life. I moved back to Sweden, learned how to face my dragons, and as a result of a transformative love affair, I reconnected with my jewel, sexuality and femininity, which suddenly opened a whole new universe. For the first time in my life, I wasn't in the driver's seat. Instead I kept being asked by women to create courses for them, create additional training, write a book and build a community. Each time, I've felt the presence of something holy, and much bigger than me. I don't know where life will take me, but I keep following my love for what's true, what's juicy and what's feminine.

I'm finishing a book called "What's Most Holy" based on the initation program, and I'm so excited to share it with the world. Stay tuned!

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