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“The valley spirit never dies. It is named the mysterious feminine. And the doorway of the mysterious feminine is base from which heaven and earth sprang. It is there within us all this while. Draw upon it as you will. It never runs dry.” Tao Te Ching

A 6-Week Jewel-Guided Leadership Program to unleash your juiciness, build your embodied power and find your way home.

This program aims to awaken your feminine leadership, which is based in the body, with a focus on activating your jewel (a.k.a. your pussy), your pleasure, your embodied power in your belly and by turning inside, connecting with your soul. By the end of the program you will have discovered a new, life-affirming and conscious way of being, living and leading.


“Eros is the driving force of life itself, and the erotic is that quality in reality that makes it lively, juicy, and alluring. Cosmic desire brings the universe into being, and the world is, in one sense, an out flowing of the cosmic erotic impulse. In these various traditions, sexual desire and connection can be an expression of love for another person, for God alone, or the very basis of the existence of the universe itself.”  (Sally Kempton)

I’ve now held a number of these courses in Swedish and the demand keeps rising. I believe the reason for the interest is that we all, especially high-achievers, change-makers and good girls are secretly longing for a different way of living, with more eros and pleasure, with more playfulness, but also closer to presence, mystery and our own soul.

Most of us are in a long distance-relationship with our bodies, living in our heads, while operating in masculine performance-driven environments. While left-brain abilities are wonderful, they often choke us in a never-ending do-more/fail-less monologue, and we disconnect from our true power sources, namely our jewels, Eros and our sexuality. When we turn our gaze inwards, starting with our desires, our heart’s longing and reconnecting with our bodies, we discover a power that is self-renewable and ultimately takes us all the way home to our essence, our soul. We become juicy, empowered and inner-directed. We become awakened feminine leaders, or maybe more aptly put Goddesses/Priestesses - who are not here to transcend life, quoting psychologist Marion Woodman, but instead to dive deeper into it.

This program offers an initiation into the the powerful path of Feminine Leadership.


-Activate your feminine leadership - juicy, empowered and inner-directed and move from performance to pleasure and inner connection. The path goes through the body and the jewel so you get in contact with the mystery within and beyond you.
-Establish new habits, which will help you turn this into a life-style after the program is finished.
-Become a stronger leader of yourself and of others.
-Ask for what you really want (starting on a superficial level and take it all the way to what’s most holy)
-Develop your inner power and strength, your sensualism, charisma and ability to affect other people privately and professionally.
-Strengthen your sensuality, playfulness and raise your vibration.
-Explore what it means to surrender, and what is necessary in order to be able to surrender safely.
-Set clear boundaries and determine your givens.
-Experience more transformative sex (even without a partner), living more sensually and playfully.
-Activate a stronger contact with yourself, held together by self-love and an invitation to the mystery within and beyond you.


  • Six weekly teaching modules including group-coaching by Zoom 75 minutes each Monday at 7.30-8.45PM CET (Central European Time), with the purpose of teaching the materials in presence, building community, creating accountability, go deep and be able to experience the theme experientially physically, mentally and energetically, as well as exercises to activate your jewel and your sexual energy. Each call is started with breathing exercises, Tantric exercises and connection with the jewel.

  • Weekly written exercieses are sent out after each group coaching call.

  • Recordings are sent after each call so if you can’t participate in a call, you can listen to the recording.

  • A PDF of the most important points in writing is sent out after the seminar.

  • Daily (five days a week) email-inspiration including reflections and practice opportunities.

  • An assigned jewel-partner in the group which creates support, pleasure and accountability.

  • A secret Facebook-group where to bring up what’s unfolding throughout the course.

The English/International program will start in the spring of 2020. More info to follow.


1. The Power of Feminine Leadership - Eros, Tantra & The Jewel Force
What is Eros, why does it matter and how can we invite Eros both in boardroom, on the way to work and in the bedroom? What is Tantra on a philosophical and practical level, how does it relate to String Theory and the Big Bang, and why is the left-handed, i.e. the red path so important for women? What is the jewel force or pussy power and why does it matter? On a neurological, hormonal and soul-level? And how does connecting with it and her change everything - especially when it comes to how we lead ourselves and others?

2. Connecting to the Feminine
If the creative principle is feminine, how come we have forgotten that, and what happens when we remember? What is conscious feminity and why is it so important psychologically, individually, but also in companies, and on a national and global level? And how is it even possible that we weren’t taught that we have a proverbial power house nested in our nether regions - our feminine sexual energy. How can we learn to unleash it safely and in a grounded way and what happens then to all our relationships and how we show up in leading ourselves and others?

3. The Jewel Force
The Jewel Force or Pussy Power is palpable when it’s felt and we explore the power of her anatomically and neurologically, the fact that we have a distributed brain in our clitoris, and how she becomes a place of intuition and ultimately, what’s most holy in us. In this seminar we’ll get a bit more hands-on, but it takes place in your own home so it’s safe, slow and sacred. We also explore the unexamined potential of what happens when you activate the jewel in leadership settings. The changes are palpable, fun! and deeply empowering, for you and for those you are in contact with.

4. The Pleasure Path, Desire & Longing
When we override our pleasure and our longing, sometimes because we don’t believe it’s allowed, or because we don’t believe we can have what we want, we cut ourselves off from both our jewels and our hearts. In this seminar, we’ll explore the Tantric concepts of following a desire till its deepest core, which is a sacred path and why it’s quintessential in order to access our power. We’ll also dive deep into how we can increase the amount of pleasure in our lives and how even work and leadership changes when we focus on these core tenets. It’s almost like magic:), but very pragmatic at the same time. The sacred exploration of our jewels and sexual energy continues in this seminar.

5. The Good Girl Detox & A Conscious Surrender
Most of us women (and quite a few men) leave ourselves (and our bodies) because we are programmed to do “what’s right”, according to an often arbitrary judgment, what’s expected of us, while trying to please our inner critics. For some these inner restrictions literally cut us off from our life-force. In this seminar, we’ll explore how our sexual energy and our connection with our jewel help us connect with our wild woman, the fierce one, who can set clear boundaries, move into empowerment (away from victimhood) and help us stay with ourselves. Only then can we move into a deeper place of surrender, which is essential to go deeper on our soul-path, our creativity and also with a partner, exploring polarity. A conscious surrender is essential for an awakened feminine leadership, especially in order to avoid burn-out. We’ll continue our sensual explorations as well.

6. Becoming Inner-Directed & The Awakened Feminine Leadership
In this sixth and final seminar, we’ll explore the deeper soul aspects of the awakened feminine leadership, how it can be used as a force of good, of turn-on:) and living a richer and fuller life. And what happens when enough women have woken up to this power, and how it will transform the way we show up in the world, how we lead and build companies, organizations and societies - the turned-on sisterhood, which just might save the world. We’ll also dive into the connection between our jewels, our hearts and something bigger than ourselves, which can be our highest selves, or something beyond. Either way, the awakened feminine leadership is at its depth a soul path, or as I also call it, a mindfulness-path with benefits:), but also a path of immersion instead of transcendence. Ultimately, in this seminar we’ll explore what it means to come home to ourselves, to turn inwards and to initiate the biggest love-story of them all, the one we create with ourselves. We’ll also do a powerful final jewel exploration that will show you how all of the above translates on a practical level. When you have seen your beauty, you cannot have it unseen.

Photo by Andressa voltolini, unsplash

Photo by Andressa voltolini, unsplash


More info to follow.

(The testimonials are translated from the Swedish courses)

"After 20 years of yoga and equally many within a career in male-dominated industries, there are few leadership programs that I’m impressed by. But Lovisa Alsen’s program was the exception! One of the most important aspects is that she has managed to combine advanced philosophy and academic references combined with the embodied and business. Often similar courses get either too fluffy or too theoretical. Lovisa Alsen manages to balance it perfectly in order to get across her message. I got insights that I use every day. These insights make me magnificent, softer, stronger and more feminine. How much would such insights be worth to you?” Mia Öhrn, Leadership Consultant”

“I believe I will look back at this course as one of the most important milestones in my development. The perfect mix of inspiration, execises and sisterhood was just what I needed to take myself to the next step, let go and start living a life out of pleasure. The course has taught me how essential the capacity to liberate and strengthen the feminine creative ability for my own and sake for the world at large in the time we live in now. I clearly see how the course has helped me to get closer to the leadership that will be necessary in order for organizations to succeed in the developing networked society.” Fanny Norlin, Management Consultant

A phenomenal course that I wish all women could partake in. Lovisa’s ability to create a context where you challenge your thought pattern and action in a way that you didn’t think was possible. The most radically transformative course I’ve ever taken. Difficult to summarize since it reaches over your personal relationship to pleasure, sexuality and power to history, global understanding and conflicts. It has given me new knowledge, insights for real change to live a life more from pleasure. It affects your leadership abilities and your understanding on how to create impact and how. An absoultely essential course!” Strategist and Researcher in sustainability and people’s health

”Together with Lovisa I’ve been reminded of the fact that life is about pleasure. Physicially, mentally and spiritually. In harmony with all living beings, with our planet and the Universe. Especially lovely to get to know my own feminine power and sensualism in depth. Without shame or guilt. So liberating!” Professional Board Member

I want to recommend everyone who is the least interested in self-reflection, feminism, power, leadership, sex and pleasure to dive straight into the adventure with Lovisa. A knowledgeable and safe guide through joyful and at times difficult conversations. With Lovisa as inspiration it was deeply transformative to share deeply private reflections and experiences with other women. Not always easy but incredibly rewarding. It’s a gift to be able to experience such a quality of sisterhood when you’ve turned 50+, and it was lovely that we could connect across age differences and life phases. Enriching at all levels - thank you, Lovisa! I’m looking forward to deepen my knowledge and our conversations during spring”. Marketing Director

Wow - how can I summarize this experience…I signed up because I was feeling a bit of a dry spell, was looking for inspiration and help to take myself to the next level with young children, work and routines. I couldn’t have imagined that I would get the keys to “the entire kingdom” and new cosmic worlds. This course has given me physical keys to my own pleasure, a voice to express it and new friendships that inspire, boost and lift me as a woman in today’s society. THANK YOU Lovisa! “Entreprenur and Yoga Teacher

"The course led by Lovisa offered me an education around the mysterious power that I already possess within myself but didn't know how to access. Most education that we partake in focuses on learning external things and events. This course focuses instead on tapping into our own unique energy and power, offering a rare opportunity to explore inwards, give space to what you might not know existed and allow it to grow. For me personally, it was an opportunity to look at what is really holding me back in life (especially professionally), become conscious around that and break through those paradigms. This is a course that ALL women on this planet should take. Lotta offers an incredibly safe space to explore with a good balance of intellect and spirit. After this course, I stand taller and hold more space at work and on stage. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity I had to participate." 
CEO of a Charity

A fantastic course to goes to the core of what it means to be a woman and the enormous sensual power we have within us. The course focuses on the pleasure of life, but also as a way to stop guilt and shame. We get to practice in how to become more sensual and feminine on a daily basis. Loving life. Also with a focus on the connection between the feminine sexual and spirituality. Gives a historic perspective that has been repressed in society and what potential there is if we could open up to fully for the power and the pleasure that is in the jewel.” Professional Board Member

”This course is really important - all women should take it! Through seminars and practices Lovisa carefully guides you to your own power-source. I had no idea that such a life-force was available within me all the time. THANK YOU!” Leadership Developer

”I’m very happy with the course. I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I got started, but thought it would be fun thing to give myself a boost, since I was newly separated at the start of the course. And what a boost it became. I got to see myself in the mirror and really consider how I got there and how I could wake myself up again. The practices were provoking at times, but SO important for me and my development. I left the course with a new confidence and will keep using the tools regularly so I can keep having this lovely feeling of being turned-on in the now.“ Yoga Studio Owner

The Awakening Feminine Leadership-course has given me an enormous amount of POWER, on all levels. I would describe is as nutrious kindle to my inner fire that now sparkles and dances. This fire accelerates me on all levels in life. I’m deeply grateful for my Pussy Power-sisters. It’s a divine gift to create such deep bonds of friendship this late in life. And Lovisa is a clear and playful leader who enables these adventures! Yoga Teacher and Entrepreneur

“I was attracted to the course combination of divine and eros and was curios about my sexuality and the soul-dimension. Through Lovisa’s unique and insightful guidance, I’ve been able to get a deeper understanding for who I am and my inner potential to live my life fully, from a place of joy and pleasure. Thank you for this gift, Lovisa!” Speaker, Educator and Change Agent

“Where should I start…? I got the course recommended so my expectations were high to begin with. For the past 20 years, I’ve slowly but surely rationalized away my pleasure and lived more and more out of my head and as the family’s project manager. I’ve always had a strong feminine power, but over time it got dimmed down, without me noticing. The course has been a magical journey. Pandora’s box is open and I will never go back. The insights and the contact I’ve established with my sexual energy and my pleasure have been among the strongest I’ve experienced. I recommend all women to take this course!” Entrepreneur

”I’ve gone from feeling the unfairness of being a woman to be incredibly greatful. I’ve gone from having a very critical eye regarding my body, which has created a sensation of turn-off (and sadness) to discovering beautiful parts that I hadn’t experienced before. Now I look at my body with pride, treating it with respect, care and TLC. My relationship to pleasure was almost non-existing. I could feel my longing, but was still not comfortable owning it. Today, just six weeks after the first group call - my perspective has been turned upside down out, with Lovisa’s gentle guidance - and I feel that I’ve connected with what I had longed for during a very long time. I’m very motivated to continue this journey. Which everyone around me (especially my fiancé:)) are happy about. Professionally, I used to have such high performance requirements of myself and others. Today, pleasure comes first. Others notice that I’m more focused, easy to be around and I trust myself and my capacity and find it easier to empower others.”
Marketing Director

“Awakening Feminine Leadership is something different than an ordinary course. It has not only been part of a paradigm-shift in how I see myself as a woman. To me this course is also like a work of art; a beautiful tapestry that Lovisa has created from philosophies, practical execises, life-learning and science. I now continue into the world with a deeper understanding for my own capacity as a woman and an endless curiosity how this will play out in giant co-creation that we call life”. Entrepreneur


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Lovisa Alsén is a lover of what’s holy, deep and playful, a beginner’s Courtisan, a pink-red Priestess, and a former seeker. She also has a MSc in International Economics as well as a background as a “regular” entrepreneur, CEO, board member and 20 years of experience in the leadership development-, coaching- and mindfulness arena. Since 2016 she has found her true north and what turns her on, which are creating courses for Awakening Feminine Leadership, which she defines as juicy, empowered and inner-directed. It’s embodied, it’s about activating the sexual energy and the jewel, connected to presence and the inner turn.

As a leadership coach and consultant Lovisa has developed several self-leadership programs for women in Sweden and in the US, with a focus on holistic leadership, entrepreneurship and business development. Over time, she started adding more soul-based perspectives, always anchored through the body. Lovisa has started and led several companies and organizations both in Sweden and in the US and has been a frequent board member. After 15 years of living in San Francisco and Los Angeles, she returned to Sweden three years ago. She is also a yoga and mindfulness teacher. Since she was a child, Lovisa has been driven by a strong longing to be in contact with the deeper, mystical dimension of life coupled with her more recent love for being here, on this earth, choosing this life, in this body, in this place - with playfulness and a glean in the eye. Since 2013, Lovisa is a student in the Diamond Approach and has been a long-time student of Tantra. Lovisa is also an author and writes poetry and urban fantasy.

Let me know if you have any questions by contacting me here or read more here.

In love and truth,
Lovisa Alsén

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