Co-creating experiences and workshops

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Interactive & Experiential Workshops For Companies & Organizations

Pleasure-Based Feminine Leadership Breakfasts

Together with my colleagues Fanny Norlin, we organize Pleasure-Based Feminine Leadership business breakfasts. Contact me if you believe that women at your company/organization are ready to turn on to their true power!

The Good Girl Detox

I hold an experiential workshop called "The Good Girl Detox".

It's a playful and sincere approach to what's afflicting so many women (and now also increasingly men) of wanting to be good, wanting to be approved of, wanting to make a difference, wanting to be perfect, and wanting to succeed to the level that there is no more room to breathe anymore. Leading to stress, leading to burn-out, leading to depression. The driver behind these behaviors is usually an unholy trinity of guilt, shame and duty, which puts an inordinate amount of pressure on "good girls". The keynote/workshop is highly experiental, teaching self-reflective steps to recognize these behaviors, finding ways to disengage, which includes moving to pleasure and moving inwards, finding the essential you behind the facade of "the good girl". It's playful, and yes, it does talk about sexual energy and the respect for the "jewel" as shortcuts to initiate the process of detoxing, and moving to juiciness, inner power and inner-direction.

It will be a transformative event. Not because I'm that good, but because you will in the company of others find yourself at a level you most likely haven't experienced before. You will feel lighter, tons lighter, inspired and be ready to take on the world, or not, but you will learn how to follow your deepest longing and your turn-on. Which is a game-changer. Finally, your heart will be able to be more open, but without the sticky aspects of needing to fix yourself or others, which creates an enormous openness.

Please contact me for more information.