A Turned-On Sisterhood



I’m an invidualist, introvert and mystic who walks my own path, and need a lot of alone-time. At the same time, I prefer to lead vs being led, since I’d rather set the energy of the environment I’m in. I also enjoy being on stage, if I have something I want to share, either through words or through singing. But then I go back to my own world again, and I’ve never been a big fan of groups, group-think or traditional social settings. Having that said, I’ve developed deep, close and vital friendships with other women over the years.

But in order to enjoy being in a group-setting, I need to find my tribe. Then I shape-shift and turn into the mischief-maker, the instigator, the flirt, the seductress, and the willing missionary. I become alive, help others find their own juice and get more juice in return.

For this to happen three conditions must be fulfilled:

  1. The presence of play, openness and curiosity

  2. The presence of presence and soul, depth and truth

  3. The presence of sexual energy

The first time I went to Burning Man, I was lyrical, because it was the the first group I wanted to belong to that loved play and goofiness as much as I do. I’ve also felt an affinity for curious nerds and intellectuals, entrepreneurs, yogis, mystics, Diamond Approach-students and shamans, and the world of creatives, especially writers.

But no other group has been as fun to be around as other juicy, empowered and inner-directed women. It feels holy, creative, embodied, sexual, playful and true. Women who get turned-on together, through inquiry, especially embodied such, is a special form of sisterhood that join together not against anything or anyone, but instead to revel in each other’s inner and outer beauty, support one another to stand in their truth and savor the feminine power. And celebrate each other’s turn-on and delicious sauciness. Which is a power that grows exponentially.

The more women I teach, and encounter through other settings who recognize the same elements, the more I believe this is the answer to so many of society’s struggles. Sexual energy, holiness, play and truth are intrinsically linked and if women hold this power, individually and together, everything changes. The growing gender polarity vanishes, most men love to be around turned-on women. Indeed any polarity or one-sidedness has a tendency to vanish, because juicy, holy sexual energy – with truth – help us both to differentiate, where we learn to celebrate our differences while also uniting us, helping us own our higher selves.

Lately, I’ve started exploring what happens if men get to explore their own turn-on (being present, true and owning their sexual energy) together with turned-on and present women  which has been so much fun, and it makes me hopeful for the future of humanity. The only caveat is that women need to hold the space, especially if sexual energy is involved. Otherwise, I and most of the women I encounter, don’t feel safe enough, and without the sense of sexual holiness that only a woman can bring, many of us can’t turn on. With that in place, the possibilities are endless!

So, this week, here’s to the celebration of the sisterhood of turned-on women! May you grow and prosper in your juiciness together with your turned-on sisters, thereby enabling everyone else to do the same. It’s delightfully contagious!

Love and truth,