Going inwards + Summer Break

Photo by Jakob Owens, UNSPLASH

Photo by Jakob Owens, UNSPLASH

Last week, I didn't post a weekly blog here, because I had caught a Summer cold that made me slow and low. Yet, unexpectedly both the sluggishness and some days of anxiety, turned out to be a gateway to deep realizations, and while I'm still not fully restored, I'm feeling a whole new level of power rise in me. It reminded me that I usually get sick when I need to process something, and don't feel I have the "right" to do it when I "should" be working. Old conditioning dies hard.

The power of doing nothing

We all need time to go inwards. A Swedish Physics Professor, Bodil Jönsson, wrote a book about time, where she popularized a word which in Swedish is called "ställtid", meaning the time it takes to get things in order, also internally. I would  translate "ställtid to "re-configuration time". It also reminds me of a Polish cartoon I watched as a kid, which was called Professor Balthazar. Balthazar was a kind and crazy looking inventor who had a giant machine into which he put his ideas. The machine was very slow, processing, processing, processing until suddenly, the machine created an elixir in a tube, based on those ideas. What made the cartoon so exciting was that waiting time, a necessary gap of seeming nothingness, where true magic happened.

Going deep and becoming inner-directed

The need for re-configuration time and going deep are supported by science. We need to loiter in order to create at any level of relevance, and it's impossible to be inner-directed without having time to connect inwards. Yet even with that knowledge, it's difficult for most of us to allow ourselves to dawdle; the pressure to do is always on, but in my experience, it's still more challenging for women to allow themselves this necessary diving-deep time. Yet in order to access a deeper level of feminine leadership, it's paramount that we take the time to do nothing, feeling whatever is there, even if it is painful, which allows for being and presence to fill every cell with juicy aliveness. A pathway to do nothing is to reconnect with your sensing ability. As in the photo above, test stroking the skin of your upper hand with your other hand, infinitely slowly, while breathing with your belly and see if you can stay with the sensation for a minute or two. Notice what happens in your body.

Taking my own advice, I'm going to my bi-yearly retreat soon and will thereafter take a Summer break. I'll be back mid August with lots of juicy tips and share some of the very exciting things that are unfolding.

I'm wishing you a lovely, juicy and being-oriented Summer!

Love and truth,
Lotta Lovisa