5 Steps To Awaken Your Feminine Leadership



Hi Gorgeous!

This week, I wanted to share how you can awaken your feminine leadership in five steps.

First I need to define what I mean by Awakening Feminine Leadership. The way I summarize a whole school of teaching is to call it juicy, empowered and inner-directed. I will go into a detailed description down the road, but for now, you can read a quick intro here. There are currently many offerings teaching women how to step into leadership, raise their voices, and build businesses, which I believe are deeply important. There are also a growing bounty of programs for women wanting to step into their feminine power, often defined as softer and less thrusting, many times connected to the divine feminine. Which is wonderful and sorely needed as well.

What is at the core of what I'm offering is that feminine leadership awakens at the body level, more specifically, between your legs and that eros plays an essential lead. Your jewel is your seat of power and when this part of you is activated, when "she" is turned on, it will change how you relate to the world, how you lead yourself, how you create and how you engage with and lead others.. This is not only about a different perception of yourself, it is a physiologically, neurologically, psychologically and even on a soul-level different state. I will write more about this further on as well, but for now, let's focus on the five steps:

1. Become a BFF with your jewel. Use a hand-mirror, say hello to your jewel, praise her and learn how to pleasure yourself with presence and with all your senses. The more you recognize her holiness and hotness, the more you will see that mirrored back to you, even in a complicated negotiation at work.
2. Sway your hips - a moving meditationon with perks:). Sway your hips on your way to work or to meetings (in order for this to happen you need to walk more slowly and with awareness. You can see it as a form of walking meditation with benefits). See if you can be fully present while swaying your hips and enjoy the sensation in each step you take. It's a great way to get embodied and access your femininity and it's equally beneficial for releasing tension in your lower back and hips.
3. Take regular dance breaks. Take a wild dance break, in the morning, at noon, and before an important meeting. It's good for your brain, it destresses you, and it helps you move into your feminine empowerment, while adding more pleasure into your life.
4. Initiate a 'good-girl detox'. Go through your to-do list that is filled with shoulds and musts, like being the one taking on all the extra projects at work, offering to organize the outing at school (unless, of course, you really love it) and overall, see if you can cut down at least 30% of your current undertakings, so you can free up more time for being.
5. Prioritize going inwards and creating alone-time. Cultivate presence through a sensing practice, you can download my honey-filled version here for free (scroll down and sign up), through a daily meditation practice and by spending 30 minutes alone each day, if possible at least a few minutes in nature.

These are all simple steps, but they will make a big difference if you practice them daily. More and more research shows (which the spiritual masters always have known and taught) that the way we transform our existence is not by the grand gestures, or by moving to a mountain top in Tibet, but what we practice on a daily basis.

Have a juicy, empowered and inner-directed week!

In love and truth,
Lotta Lovisa