The Eros Paradigm or Time for a Global Turn-On?



“Eros is the driving force of life itself, and the erotic is that quality in reality that makes it lively, juicy, and alluring. Cosmic desire brings the universe into being, and the world is, in one sense, an out flowing of the cosmic erotic impulse. In these various traditions, sexual desire and connection can be an expression of love for another person, for God alone, or the very basis of the existence of the universe itself.”  (Sally Kempton from her book Awakenng Shakti)

Writing about the Eros Paradigm could be said to be an oxymoron. Eros is already here, and has always been here. It is the fabric of our existence, as Sally Kempton writes “the very basis of the existence of the universe itself.”

At the same time, all over the world we are becoming more conscious of consciousness itself and we are able to reflect and experience on a collective level over what is unfolding. For the first time in history we are becoming more cognitvely aware of not only the feminine, but of that particular juicy expression of the feminine (which both women and men have access to) that Eros is. For those of us who have tasted it, we want more, a lot more. So what is it, why does it matter - and how do we get more of it?

What is Eros and why does it matter?

Eros is the generative life principle. Without Eros life is dead. Compare the experience of American cubicles, made out of nightmares, and a entering a house designed by Gaudí or walking into a life-less office building with looking out over the orgy of flowers on a summer meadow. On a more subtle level, Eros is what makes life worth living. Any dystopian sci-fi novel or movie will showcase a world where Eros, and the planet, are dead. It’s hopeless, grey and we are all replaced by robots, who usually display more humanity than the simpleton humans. Very rarely do we see a different vision where Eros is reigning, where there is juiciness, flirtation, and a celebration of life, sex, the jewel, dance, music, beauty, candles and where soul, our interior space, are hailed - and where that is translated into how we build housing, infrastructure, transportion, or businesses and organizations. What do you imagine an Eros-filled society would look like?

So how do we create a juice futuristic vision with the help of Eros?

It all starts with turned-on women, women who have awakened to their feminine leadership, who are in contact with their jewels, who feel the power of sexual energy, are empowered and inner-directed. Not that it doesn’t exist elsewhere. Each creative expression is an expression of Eros and it can be expressed by women and men. But the power of women being turned-on is what is needed to get that extra oomph that is needed to juice the joint up. Now it’s important to mention here that for each step towards juiciness, there will be an equal, if not bigger push-back towards its opposite, which is oppression and deadness. Looking at the rise of authoritarianism that is happening across the globe, which always tries to reign in Eros, sex and women, we see that clearly. But paraphrasing Martin Luther King, the arc of the feminine universe is long, but it bends towards Eros. And for each day our turned-on numbers are growing - and grooving, and when the juicy sisterhood comes into town, she can’t be stopped. She is life itself.

The Eros Paradigm or the Global Turn-On

A life-time ago, meaning 2002, I wrote a book in Swedish about the Flow Paradigm with Troed Troedson, built on complexity science and it was titled ‘Don’t Panic’. The book aimed to showcase where we were heading individually and as a society and many of the things we wrote about have come to fruition, such as the renting and sharing economy.

The Eros Paradigm is different, since it both emerges right now and yet always was here. I can give you a number of examples to showcase how the Eros Paradigm is gradually making its way into our lives, like the explosion of music globally, our interest in design and fashion, our yearning for felt experiences, our growing interest in the body, as well as in our longing to know ourselves experientially. So the Eros Paradigm can be said to be growing in strength. It is also at a tipping point. For the Eros Paradigm or The Global Turn-On to manifest and not get stamped down, it is dependent on us women becoming turned-on in big numbers. Not that it is such grueling labor:). Most can attest to its joyful affects. But it does require an embodied and juicy connection and to be around other turned-on women coupled with the capacity to be empowered and to be able to find our inner soverignty and authority.

While I no longer need to change the world, or to make the Eros Paradigm or the Global Turn-On happen, I would love to be a part of it. Because it turns me on. The ending of the sixth course last week with ten amazing Awakened Feminine Leaders followed by the first deeply connected - and turned-on event with women and men and yesterday’s business breakfast with women who learned to turn-on, make me so happy and yes, it does feel like She cannot be contained. The Eros Paradigm and the Global Turn-On are rising and together we can co-create a sparkling juicy future. Do you care to join us?

In love and truth,
Lovisa Alsén